Sakya Bedroom

This bedroom reflects the passion for beauty and details in the furniture. It consists of pieces with intrinsic and iconic details that give a refined, graceful, and delicate touch to the decor.

mesa de cabeceira marpa

Marpa bedside table, bright lacquered, with handle and foot detail in stainless steel and marble top.

toucador marpa

Marpa dressing table, with 2 drawers, bright lacquered, with marble top and stainless steel foot/handles.

móvel alto marpa

Marpa Tallboy, with 2 doors, bright lacquered with handles and foot in stainless steel and marble top.

Cómoda marpa

Marpa dresser, with 3 drawers and bright lacquered structure, handle, and baseboard in brass stainless steel and marble top.

Aparador marpa

Marpa sideboard, 2 doors and 3 drawers, bright lacquered structure and marble top, drawers details and foot in brass stainless steel.

Products of this bedroom:

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